Scrip is one of Congregation AABJ&D's most important - and easiest fundraisers

Scrip is gift cards which the Shul buys from local businesses, like Shoprite, Fooderie, West Orange Bake Shop, and Super Duper Bagels.

Here's how it works:

Whenever you buy scrip gift cards, the shul makes money. You pay the same amount that you would have in the store or online, but the shul typically earns 5% on each card, which is $5 for every $100 you spend.

You can get digital scrip cards online or we will bring the scrip cards to you at home, with contactless delivery.

Ordering is fast:

Digital cards are generally available in less than a few hours, physical cards are typically delivered within a week. You can order as needed or set up an automated monthly delivery.

Try it today:

Scrip is a great, free way to support the Shul – hey, you're shopping anyway, might as well help out Congregation AABJ&D at the same time!


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